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Roddy & Jennifer Watson
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Floral Fabric Notice Board ,


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With more and more of us working from home than we ever did before, Cherith’s floral fabric notice boards are perfect for helping to create a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you are fortunate enough to have a home office or are having to make do with the kitchen table, our floral fabric notice board will help keep your work station organised and tidy, holding all those important memos and reminders at the same time as adding some pretty art to your walls.

Featuring Cherith’s illustrative pattern design of wild plants, flowers and Scottish thistles it is an ideal gift for those who work from home and/or appreciate gardening – they can hang it up in their shed and use it for holding seed packets, gardening gloves and any other gardening related memento they wish to keep a hold of.

Measuring 40cm x 40cm this fabric covered notice board has a wooden backing and so it is sturdy enough to have simply sitting on a shelf and resting against a wall. The fabric itself is cotton calico and the colourful pink satin ribbon is held in place with antique brass pins. You can easily tuck items in without having to use pins. The foam padding underneath the exterior fabric however, does allow you to use pins should you wish to do so.


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